One of the aims of scouting is teach and develop leadership skills. There are several courses available for teaching leadership, but the key method is to let the scout exercise leadership by holding different positions within his patrol and the troop.

Troop Leader Training
Upon reaching First Class, a scout is required to responsibly hold a leadership position in order to attain the next rank. To prepare the new First Class Scout to become a leader, the troop puts on a course called Troop Leader Training, a set of three modules for junior leader training. Previously, the course was called Junior Leader Training. Troop Leader Training takes about three hours to complete the course. Scouts that successfully take the course earns the trained patch
Patrol Leader Training
Patrol Leader training is a class newly elected patrol leaders. Responsibilities and duties are reviewed as well as the variety of resources that are available to the new patrol leader incluidng patrol meeting planning, meal and duty rosters, etc.
OA and Venturing Leadership
Beyond the troop leadership position, there are other opportunities for leadership in branches of scouting such as the Order of the Arrow and Venturing. Leadership positions in those programs range from Councl leadership positions to regional positions to national positions..
National Youth Leader Training - Bristlecone
Beyond Troop Leader Training (TLT), the council offers National Youth Leader Training, which is nicknamed Bristlecone in our council. This is a week-long course for leadership development and is required to become a Senior Patrol Leader in our Troop. Other councils offer the course at various times throughout the summer if there is a schedule conflict with the council course. After a scout completes Bristlecone, he is eligible to be selected to be on the staff for Bristlecone. Scouts interested in serving as Bristlecone staff must receive a recommendation from the Scoutmaster and then be interviewed by the Bristlecone staff.
There is an advanced course called National Advanced Youth Leader Experience (NAYLE) which is taught at Philmont. NAYLE combines leadership training with the backpack experience of Philmont. Units will solve leadership challenges during their outing.

Junior Leadership Positons * indicates positions that meet the requirements for Star, Life and Eagle.
indicates positons that meet the requirements for Star and Life. An APL substituting for the PL for the entire month will gain position credit provided he acts as the PL for the entire month (patrol meeting, troop meetings, outing and PLC).
* Senior Patrol Leader (SPL) Top youth leader. He presides over the troop meetings, the Patrol Leader Council, outings and appoints troop leaders with consultation from the Scoutmaster
* Assistant Senior Patrol Leader (ASPL) The ASPL fiills in for the SPL when the SPL is unable to be at the meeting or outing. In addition, the ASPL provides direction to the other troop junior leaders such as teh historian, bugler, scrbe, etc.
* Historian The historian is responsible for collecting and storing material of historical value to the troop such as newsletters and photographs from outings. One of his duties is to prepare a slideshow of outings at the Court of Honor.
* Librarian The troop librarian maintains the troop library, principally the merit badge pamphlet collection. He is responsible for issuing and receiving the pamphets, updating obsolete merit badge pamphlets when required, and repairing any damaged books. He may also be assigned with the map collection.
* Scribe The meeting scribe takes minutes of all of the PLC meetings and issues them for distribution.
* Webmaster Scribe The webmaster scribe is responsible for updating the troop website and works with ASM to ensure that the guidelines for safe internet usage is being followed
* Newsletter Scribe. The newsletter scribe is responsible for scout inputs for articles and reports for the troop newsletter.
* Junior Assistant Scoutmaster (JASM) The JASM is appointed by the Scoutmaster for responsible scouts that are 16 and older. The JASM acts as an Assistant Scoutmaster and can endorese rank requirements for Scout, Tenderfoot, 2nd Class and First Class.
* Chaplain's Aide The Chaplains Aide overses the inter-faith worship and scout's own at outings. He is responsible that grace is given before each meal and may offer a benediction and/or invocation at the Court of Honor.
* Bugler The bugler plays at meetings, outings and other events as requested by the troop leadership.
* Troop Quartermaster (QM) The Troop QM is responsible for maintaining all troop gear as well as issuing and receiving equipment that is borrowed.
* Patrol Leader (PL) The patrol leader is a key leader in the troop and provides guidance for his patrol during meetings, outings and the patrol meeting. He represents the patrol at the semi-annual planning meetings and the monthly PLC.
# Patrol Quartermaster (PQM) The patrol quartermaster can gain leadership credit since much of the gear has been distributed to the patrols. The PQM is responsible for maintaining and issuing the patrol gear for outings. He is responsible for the begiinning and final inventory.
# Campmaster The campmaster oversees the campfire at the outings. He is responsible for preparing the program and act as the MC. If there are scouts that wish to assist with the campfire as a requirement for the Communications Merit Badge, the campmaster will provide guidance and supervise their efforts.
# Hikemaster The hikemaster oversees the hiking and backpacking miles for the troop. He also oversees the hiking stick program and will issue sticks to scouts that have achieved at least 25 miles of hiking and/or backpacking.
# Gamemaster The gamemaster is responsible for bringing game equipment to each meeting and to outings. He will coordinate with the patrols in charge of each meeting games.
# Service Coordinator Service Coordinates troop service projects such as coastal or creek clean-up.
# Outings Coordinator The outings coordinator helps prepare the outings plans with the scout leader and parent coordinator for that month's outing. He will prepare the agenda and activities and present them to the PLC for approval.
* Order of the Arrow Representative The OA representative is an OA member in good standing and represents the troop's arrowmen at the Lodge meetings. He is responsible to bring back updates from the lodge.
* Instructor The troop has needs for scouts that can instruct in special skill areas such as First Aid, hiking, navigation, pioneering and other scouting skills.
* Musician If there are three or more scouts interested in performing, the ASM in charge of youth leaders may appoint musicians, but they will have to perform at meetings and/or the court of honor.

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