Camping is an Eagle required merit badge.
Camping is something we do almost every month and rarely do we spend the night inside of cabins or lodges. The troop provides 2 and 3-person tents and are easy to set-up. Some times, you may even want to try and sleeping under the stars! Important factors in camping are having the proper equipment, practicing "Leave No Trace" and finding a campsite that meets your needs for the outing. Camping is usually combined with other activities such as hiking, cycling and boating.
Types of Campgrounds
Group Campsites - Can accomdate from 9 to 100+ depending on the site
Family Campsites - Can accomodate from 1 to 8 people
Environmental or Primitive Campsites - Located in undisturbed areas with primitive facilities
Walk-in Campsites - Usually unreserved sites for people in transit such as backpackers or cyclists
Boat-in Campsite - Reserved for boaters since access is limited by water
Equestrian Campsite - Campsites for equestrians that have facilities for horses including water troughs and tie-up areas.
Backpack Campsites - Located along backpacking trails

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