We live to camp and, of course, eat.

Although cooking is no longer a requirement for Eagle, it is an important badge for learning life-long skills and knowledge of good nutrition and preparing great tasting food. Menus and recipes will vary depending upon the type of outing: Backpacking, car camping, or cycling.

Backpacking outings require light weight food that can be easily carried and prepared on small, portable stoves. Car camping outings enable us to bring fresh food that can be stored inside coolers and can be cooked in large pots or Dutch Ovens while using charcoal or propane camping stoves. Finally, outings such as cycling may have meals that are prepared beforehand.

Tenderfoot Requirement:
3. On the campout, assist in preparing and cooking one of your patrol's meals. Tell why it is important for each patrol member to share in meal preparation and cleanup, and explain the importance of eating together.

Second Class Requirement:
2g. On one campout, plan and cook over an open fire one hot breakfast or lunch for yourself, selecting foods from the food pyramid. Explain the importance of good nutrition. Tell how to transport, store, and prepare the foods you selected.

First Class Requirement:
4. Do the Following:

  1. Help plan a patrol menu for one campout that includes at least one breakfast, one lunch, and one dinner and that requires cooking at least two meals. Tell how the menu includes the foods from the food pyramid and meets nutritional needs.
  2. Using the menu planned in requirement 4a, make a list showing the cost and food amounts needed to feed three or more boys and secure the ingredients.
  3. Tell which pans, utensils, and other gear will be needed to cook and serve these meals.
  4. Explain the procedures to follow in the safe handling and storage of fresh meats, dairy products, eggs, vegetables, and other perishable food products. Tell how to properly dispose of camp garbage, cans, plastic containers, and other rubbish.
  5. On one campout, serve as your patrol's cook. Supervise your assistant(s) in using a stove or building a cooking fire. Prepare the breakfast, lunch, and dinner planned in requirement 4a. Lead your patrol in saying grace at the meals and supervise cleanup.

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