Event Planning

Planning Events and Outings are an important task at Troop 494. Events are chosen during an annual planning meeting of the Patrol Leader Council. Parents are asked to volunteer to assist in the planning and logistics of the event including:

  • Making campsite reservations
  • Checking to ensure that dates work
  • Arranging car pools including driver and auto information
  • Creating sign-up table at the e-groups site
  • Preparing and submitting Local or National Tour Permit
  • Getting special permits, if required (e.g. Wilderness permit, campfire permit)
  • Preparing directions for the event
  • Obtaining maps of the area
  • Coordinating with the Troop Quartermaster for equipment
  • Coordinating that certified leadership is available (Youth Protection, Climb on Safely, Lifeguard, etc. as the trip may require.)
  • Submitting all information for future coordinators after completion.

Scouts are responsible for:

  • The outing agenda
  • Planning, purchasing and preparing food for the Scouts
  • Safety check of equipment (if required such as bicycles)
  • Backpack check
  • Duty rosters

The Troop Event Planning Form can be downloaded at this webpage. This document can be located at the Troop's E-group site under files as well.

The Troop Librarian has information packets of past events. The packets contain maps, itinerary, tour permit and other information that may be helpful in planning future events. Event Coordinators are asked to assemble and save information from the outing for filing. This packet may serve as an example for future event coordinators.

Updated on October 08, 2005